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    Welco - A market leader in Polyurethane Manufacturing, introduces WELTHANE

    Wide range of Hardness: Welco's Polyurethane (WELTHANE) can be manufactured in different grades of hardness (from 60 to 90 SHORE A). This is the most important classifications characteristic of any polyurethane and is governed by the molecular structure of the prepolymer.Together with the addition of plasticisers and fillers, Welco can manufature from 30 SHORE A right up to 75 SHORE D
    High load bearing capacity: Welthane can return to its original shape when the load is removed. Its high load bearing capacity in both compression and shear means that the elastomer will not change in volume under pressure, but may undergo a change of shape under load.
    Fungus, mould & mildew resistance: Polyether based Welthane is mostly safe from fungal, mould or mildew growth, making this product particularly suitable in high humidity environments.
    Impact and Abrasion resistance: Welthane can offer excellent impact resistance, even at low temperatures, where severe wear proves a challenge for conventional products.
    Resistance to water, oil and grease: Welthane will not swell or deteriorate in water, oil or grease.
    Electrical properties: Welthane exhibits solid electrical insulating properties.
    Wide resiliency range: Resilience in conventional elastomers is generally a function of hardness. In shock-absorbing elastomer applications, low rebound compounds are usually used i.e. resilience range of 10-40%. For high frequency vibrations or where quick recovery is required, compounds in the 40-65% resilience, are used. In general, toughness is enhanced by high resilience.
    Strong bonding properties: Welthane bonds well to a wide range of materials (e.g. metal, plastics and wood) during or after the molding process.
    Stability in the environment: Most chemicals and harsh environmental factors will not cause material degradation. Welthane is extremely functional to operating in temperature extremes.
    Tear resistance: Welthane expresses high tear resistance, offering longer service life of parts in most applications. Tear strength and resistance is an indication of toughness and durability.
    Flexibility: Welthane grades with lower hardness are highly flexible. They exhibit resistance to cracking at the flex point, even in parts with thin areas that are subject to more stress.
    Colour range: Colour pigments added during manufacturing process allow for greater flexibility. Welco uses silica pigments, rather than zinc oxides to achieve a superior UV stability and a longer and brighter colour life.
    Cost-effective manufacturing processes: Opposed to more traditional materials the production cost of Welthane in usually less expensive.
    Shorter production times: Compared to conventional materials such as metal, rubber and wood Welthane can be manufactured relatively quickly.


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